Registered Massage Therapy for Pelvic Health

ALPHA Health Services is excited to announce that we now offer Pelvic Health Massage Therapy!

What is pelvic health massage therapy?

Massage therapy for pelvic floor muscles is extremely beneficial and compliments Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy. The pelvic floor contains many ligaments and muscles that interconnect and act as a base of support for the pelvis. Massage therapy can work on all the muscles that attach to the pelvis; hamstrings, hip flexors, glutes, your core. It is no wonder that when our pelvis shifts from posture, or tight muscle, pain and discomfort begins to take its toll. Massage therapy works to release these muscles and regain proper balance and tone.
Unlike physiotherapy, massage therapists do not assess or treat pelvic floor symptoms internally. RMT’s work on the surrounding musculature, and ease tension of musculature through manipulation and stretch techniques.

Who can benefit from pelvic health massage therapy?

The following symptoms may be relieved by pelvic floor massage therapy:

  • Rectal genital abdominal discomfort or pain
  • Pain with functional movement such as sitting or standing
  • Pain during or after sexual activity
  • Increased urinary frequency, hesitancy & pain, leaking
  • Feelings of incomplete emptying
  • Discomfort around bladder

A lot of the above symptoms have a few things in common, which is tight muscle. For example, some of the musculature (seen above) surrounds our bladder, and urethra (A tube whereby urine is expelled). When these muscles are tight and constricted, we might feel discomfort with urination, incomplete urination, or even leaking. When we are able to release and retrain our muscles of the pelvis, we begin to see improvements in the system overall. Less tension and pressure = less pain and dysfunction.
This example applies to all of the structures in the pelvis as well. Tight muscle that attaches to our pelvis has the ability to misalign the boney structure itself. When there is tight muscle on one side, the opposing musculature may weaken. This teeter totter affect on our pelvis can cause symptoms such as; low back pain, and pain with our functional movement, like sitting, walking, and standing.

Is pelvic floor massage therapy only for females?

Many assume that pelvic floor work is only indicated for females, due to child birth, and a narrower hip alignment. In fact, we get an equal amount of male and female patients referred for pelvic floor work. This is because everyone (male and female) experiences tight musculature and stress. Any sign or symptom of tight musculature and/or stress is indicated for massage therapy, no matter the gender.

Does pelvic floor massage therapy hurt?

No. If you experience any pain or discomfort, always let the therapist know.
What will the first appointment include?
At your first appointment, your massage therapist will take you through an assessment and ask questions to cater each treatment to your specific needs. Every body is unique, and we want to treat YOU!
Do not hesitate to drop us a line with any questions regarding pelvic floor massage or physiotherapy.
Hilary MacLaughlin
Registered Massage Therapist
ALPHA Health Services
To learn more about Hilary, click here

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