Kinesiologist Oggie Bovan

Oggie Bovan


Oggie completed his Kinesiology & Health Science Degree at York University, after which he went on to complete a post-graduate program in exercise science. His focus is on Exercise Rehabilitation and Strengthening, and has spent his whole educational career taking courses in rehab exercise programming and general strength training. Oggie has experience in a clinical setting as well as a private/athletic setting; he has worked with clients of all ages whose goals consisted of anything from

  • improving or maintaining strength/mobility post-injury
  • athletes looking to get their body in an optimal state for competition
  • preventative general strengthening to move the body efficiently and decrease the risk of injury

Oggie was a competitive soccer player for 10 years + and is currently involved in the high-performance training of elite youth soccer players at an academy. He continues to work in a clinical setting as he believes regular exercises is pivotal in everyone’s life, including those who are overcoming an injury or health condition. Oggie provides home training to clients rehabbing from surgery, taking on a new athletic challenge, or looking to increase their overall health and wellness.