Meet Our Team:

At ALPHA Health Services we take pride in offering personalized, effective, and evidenced based care to all of our patients. We give you the treatment and tools you need to get back to what you need, want, and love to do. Our experienced team is hand picked from physiotherapists in Ontario and Canada!

The ALPHA Midtown Team


Olivia Martins
Olivia MartinsPhysiotherapist
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Leeanna Maher
Leeanna MaherPhysiotherapist, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist
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Jennifer Harvey
Jennifer HarveyPhysiotherapist
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Charlotte Anderson (Ph.D)
Charlotte Anderson (Ph.D)Physiotherapist
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Daniel Krasner
Daniel KrasnerPhysiotherapist Resident
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Louise Fonteyne
Louise FonteynePhysiotherapist
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Rebecca Chow
Rebecca ChowPhysiotherapist (PTA)
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Himanshi Khurana
Himanshi KhuranaPhysiotherapist Resident
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Joanna Schechter
Joanna SchechterPhysiotherapist
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Alison Parker
Alison ParkerPhysiotherapist Resident
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Massage Therapist

Karen Kingsley
Karen KingsleyMassage Therapist
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Massage Therapist

Priska Natterer
Priska NattererMassage Therapist
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Naturopathic Doctors

Dr. Carew
Dr. CarewNaturopathic Doctor
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Sports Medicine Doctors

Dr. Jim Niu
Dr. Jim NiuSports Medicine Doctor


Babs Aiyede
Babs AiyedePedorthist
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Charlotte Anderson
Charlotte AndersonCEO
Ashley Saltsman
Ashley SaltsmanClinic Director and Operations Manager
Olivia Martins
Olivia MartinsDirector of Physiotherapy
Colby Ohlhausen
Colby OhlhausenClinic Manager and Patient Care Coordinator (ALPHA Midtown)
Lowell Aguilon
Lowell Aguilon Clinic Administrator and Patient Care Coordinator