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Meet Joanna

Learn more about Joanna Schechter, Registered Physiotherapist at ALPHA! Why did you pursue a career in geriatric rehab? (stroke, home visits)   It's funny that you ask this question. Working with [...]

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Physiotherapy – Pelvic floor tips during COVID19

Based on the most current available information: Pregnant people, with no underlying medical condition, are not at more risk for contracting COVID-19 compared to the rest of the population Pregnant [...]

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ALPHA Health Services- COVID-19 Policy

COVID- 19 Protocol We are open for patients with urgent needs and requiring acute care, as per Toronto Public Health guidelines, the Ontario Government and the College of Physiotherapists. Contact [...]

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Physiotherapy Questions

Five Common Physiotherapy Questions, Answered by Physiotherapist, Jennifer Harvey. As an orthopedic physiotherapist, there are common questions I get from patients. They are all great questions, and because of the [...]

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