Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy – Pelvic floor tips during COVID19

Based on the most current available information: Pregnant people, with no underlying medical condition, are not at more risk for contracting COVID-19 compared to the rest of the population Pregnant [...]

Physiotherapy – Pelvic floor tips during COVID192020-06-16T23:06:54-04:00

Prostatitis – Pelvic Floor Therapy

Treating “Prostatitis” By  Guest Blogger, Scott Everson, Owner Busy Bee Fitness Chronic Pelvic Pain syndrome, otherwise known as “chronic prostatitis”, just can’t seem to escape the dark ages of [...]

Prostatitis – Pelvic Floor Therapy2020-06-23T14:27:43-04:00

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

What Do The Pelvic Floor Muscles Actually Do? Anyone who knows me well knows that I absolutely LOVE to talk about the function of the pelvic floor muscles.  I [...]

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy2020-06-23T14:44:28-04:00

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy- Lubricants

These days, it is much more likely that you will come across a shelf full of various personal lubricants at your local pharmacy and even the grocery store. The question [...]

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy- Lubricants2019-12-19T11:17:01-05:00

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy- postpartum.

How can pelvic floor physiotherapy help YOU after giving birth to your child? Ever since you have had your baby, do you worry about leaking when you cough, sneeze or laugh? Do [...]

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy- postpartum.2020-07-02T14:41:28-04:00

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy – Leeanna Maher

Meet Leeanna Maher, Registered Physiotherapist, and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist. Leeanna brings to her practice experience, knowledge, and a passion to get her patients better. Leeanna is truly one of a [...]

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy – Leeanna Maher2020-07-02T14:43:57-04:00
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