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Lower back pain- reducing the risk when shovelling snow.


Welcome winter! Welcome snow! Welcome shovelling! Welcome lower back pain! Shovelling greatly increases the risk of low back pain and injury due to the ergonomics, weight of the snow, and the repetitive nature of shoveling. Here are a few tips to avoid lower back injuries and pain as a result of snow shoveling this winter. Read on, your [...]

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Postural Exercises to Prevent Back Pain


Fall is in the air, and it is back to school time! We see, too often, the negative effects heavy backpacks have on the postures of those who carry them. Rounded shoulders, protruding neck, arched back, knock knees... all leading to headaches, neck pain, leg pain, back pain, and secondary issues. Let's be preventative, lighten [...]

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Top 10 Exercises to Strengthen Weak Ankles!


Physiotherapy after an ankle injury has been proven to greatly improve the speed of recovery and optimize healing. Research shows that physiotherapy and exercise may reduce the occurrence of recurrent ankle sprains and may be effective in managing chronic ankle instability. The following are ten exercises to start after you injure your ankle. They target [...]

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What Exercises Should I Do After a Knee Injury?


Here it is... The top 10 best exercises to do post knee injury! **Don’t do any exercises that increase symptoms or pain. Be sure to check with a physio before starting! Quadriceps Stretch: These are the muscles at the front of your thigh. Stand and pull your ankle up behind you towards your bottom, you [...]

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Think Twice Before You Ice!


As athletes, it is drilled into us… ICE YOUR INJURY! And most of us did. We never questioned it. We iced. Sprained ankle- ice. Broken finger- ice. Twisted knee- ice. Ice healed all. Ice was the go to. Ice allowed us to go back on the field, finish our race, or continue our game. That [...]

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CrossFitters BEWARE!


CrossFit has exploded into the fitness world. You can’t enter a gym, or pick up a fitness magazine without some reference to the WOD, a new kettlebell swing, or directions to the latest “box” that has popped up in your community. Fitness fanatics, gym rats and those who haven’t yet given up on their New [...]

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Can I get tennis elbow if I don’t play tennis?


Yes- tennis elbow can occur even if you don’t play tennis. Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis are both terms that refer to pain or tenderness on the outside of the elbow. It is often chronic and is a result of repetitive use and strain on the tendons that attach in that area.Tennis is one way [...]

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Prepping for SKI SEASON!


  It’s coming… ski season is just around the corner! If you haven’t been doing those squats, or holding those planks, it’s not too late to start! Read on for 4 key exercises to get your ski legs back fast, and to avoid injury when you get back on the slopes!     SQUATS Skiing [...]

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The “Arthritis” Diet


Arthritis… where to start? Over 4.6 million Canadians suffer from arthritis. It is the number one cause of disability among Canadians. Every 60 seconds, there is a new diagnosis of osteoarthritis in Canada. And there is no cure. So- what do we do? I have had many patients come to me with arthritic issues- the [...]

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Tips for exercising in cold weather!


Halloween is over, the leaves have fallen and we are beginning to move into the colder weather. I have had many patients express to me their disappointment that their outdoor exercising is coming to an end as winter approaches. They are not keen on moving inside to a treadmill, or joining a spin class. So [...]

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