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Lower back pain- reducing the risk when shovelling snow.

Welcome winter! Welcome snow! Welcome shovelling! Welcome lower back pain! Shovelling greatly increases the risk of low back pain and injury due to the ergonomics, weight of the snow, and the repetitive nature [...]

Lower back pain- reducing the risk when shovelling snow.2019-12-19T11:18:04-05:00

CrossFitters BEWARE!

CrossFit has exploded into the fitness world. You can’t enter a gym, or pick up a fitness magazine without some reference to the WOD, a new kettlebell swing, or directions [...]

CrossFitters BEWARE!2020-07-21T14:24:05-04:00

The “Arthritis” Diet

Arthritis… where to start? Over 4.6 million Canadians suffer from arthritis. It is the number one cause of disability among Canadians. Every 60 seconds, there is a new diagnosis of [...]

The “Arthritis” Diet2020-07-21T14:51:07-04:00
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