Physiotherapy Questions

Five Common Physiotherapy Questions, Answered by Physiotherapist, Jennifer Harvey. As an orthopedic physiotherapist, there are common questions I get from patients. They are all great questions, and because of the [...]

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Physiotherapy – it’s about mobility.

What is a physiotherapist? In a recent study, which examined the market profile of physiotherapists in Canada, the term mobility specialist was used to describe the role of a physiotherapist [...]

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Lower back pain- reducing the risk when shovelling snow.

Welcome winter! Welcome snow! Welcome shovelling! Welcome lower back pain! Shovelling greatly increases the risk of low back pain and injury due to the ergonomics, weight of the snow, and the repetitive nature [...]

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PREVENTATIVE Physiotherapy in Toronto

Physiotherapy is a rehabilitative medicine. A treatment you seek post injury, an intervention you have post surgery, an option to alleviate chronic pain. A physiotherapy degree is housed within the [...]

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Living with chronic illness

Chronic illness leaves you feeling like you’re letting everyone down—especially yourself. It’s a constant game of adjusting expectations, rethinking assumptions, and regulating hopes. That deadline you’re trying to meet, that [...]

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