Introduction to BPPV

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Event Date:

4 October 2023

Event Time:

3:00 pm

Event Location:

Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital


Symptoms of dizziness or vertigo can affect your patient’s participation in rehab, and vestibular dysfunction is often an under-recognized contributor to imbalance and falls. This session will provide an introduction to the most common vestibular disorder and the most common cause of vertigo – Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). You will gain an understanding of what causes this condition, who is most often affected by it, and when to suspect your patient may have BPPV. You will learn how to evaluate and treat the most common form of BPPV, in line with clinical practice guidelines and with opportunity for hands-on practice.

Our Facilitators: 

Shaleen Sulway and Elizabeth Crawford are founding co-directors of Vestibular Health, and part of the Hertz Clinic for Meniere’s Disease and Vestibular Dysfunction at UHN. Both Shaleen and Elizabeth are experienced physiotherapists with advanced training in vestibular rehabilitation. They are dedicated to helping patients with dizziness and balance disorders, and building capacity by providing education and mentorship to other clinicians. Shaleen has a special interest in clinical teaching and vestibular research, and also has expertise in facial neuromuscular retraining for facial nerve palsy. Elizabeth’s clinical background is in neurological and complex traumatic injury rehabilitation, and she has a special interest in concussion/mild traumatic brain injury.

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3:00 pm

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  • Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital
  • 14 St Matthews Rd, Unit G008
  • Toronto
  • Ontario
  • Canada

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  • 4 October 2023 3:00 pm   -   4:00 pm
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