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Physiotherapists are primary health care professionals with a significant role in health promotion and treatment of injury and disease. They combine their in-depth knowledge of the body and how it works with specialized hands-on clinical skills to assess, diagnose and treat symptoms of illness, injury or disability.

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Physiotherapy Services
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Dry Needling and Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine in which thin needles are inserted into the body. It is a helpful adjunct to physiotherapy, and treatment for injury and pain.

Abnormal tension in muscles causes pain. Dry Needling is a form of acupuncture which focuses on these specific muscles in order to regain normal tension, and thus decrease pain. Dry needling has also proven to be very effective for those suffering from chronic pain. It helps to re-balance the central nervous system, and research shows it proven its effectiveness in those suffering from chronic and debilitative pain.

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Dry Needling Services

Shockwave therapy

All physiotherapists at ALPHA Health Services are trained in delivering shockwave therapy. A shockwave is an intense, but very short energy wave travelling faster than the speed of sound. This energy wave travels into the soft tissue or bone, disrupting the cellular level and breaks up scar tissue. This stimulates the body to generate more blood vessels and bone cells. This increase in blood vessels leads to a faster healing, decreased pain, and a return to activity. With many soft tissue injuries in the body, scar tissue is laid down as a response. Often this scar tissue limits recovery, function, and causes pain. Shockwave therapy addresses this scar tissue and is very effective in the rehabilitation process.

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Massage Therapy

At ALPHA Health Services, massage therapy is offered for relaxation, relieving muscle pain, preventing stiffness and aiding in rehabilitation. Book your appointment today to see how massage can benefit you.

Massage Therapy Services