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Dr Jim Niu

Sports Medicine Doctor

Jim Niu completed his enhanced skills training in Sport and Exercise Medicine at the University of Ottawa in 2019.

He completed his Family Medicine training in 2018 at the University of Ottawa, and his medical school training at McGill University. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry with Honors at McGill University as well. In addition to Sports Medicine, Jim also practices Family Medicine in Toronto.

During his training, he provided medical coverage for the Carleton Men and Women’s soccer teams as well as the University of Ottawa’s Men’s Hockey team. He has also volunteered at several events, ranging from marathons and triathlons to the 2019 Ontario Parasport Games and 2019 Para-badminton Canadian international. He has also assisted in some combat sports such as the 2019 WKF Karate1 Series A and the 2019 OFFSA Wrestling Championship. He has an interest in caring for the para-athlete and has completed some training in becoming a national classifier for para-badminton in Canada.

To book with Dr. Niu please call 416 545 1881 or email info@alphahealthservices.ca

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