Toronto Physiotherapy 2022

Dear Friends and Patients of ALPHA Health Services; We want to personally send all of you a note to wish you all the best for 2022. When we wrote to [...]

Toronto Physiotherapy 20222022-01-17T17:53:15-05:00

Does posture really matter? Ask a physio!

If you have ever experienced pain, you have probably heard that it’s because of your posture. We’ve always been told that poor posture can result in pain – “You have [...]

Does posture really matter? Ask a physio!2021-11-12T10:43:46-05:00

My Story: Olivia Martins

The first of our new 'My Story' series is here! 'My Story' will highlight the journeys that brought our wonderful practitioners to ALPHA. No better way to start it off [...]

My Story: Olivia Martins2021-11-05T11:06:45-04:00

What is PoNS™? Ask a Physio!

ALPHA Health Services is proud to announce that we will now be offering the PoNS Treatment Program at our ALPHA East Location! What is PoNS?  PoNS stands for Portable Neuromodulation [...]

What is PoNS™? Ask a Physio!2021-10-01T10:48:04-04:00

How can I improve my balance?

           What is balance? Balance is your ability to remain steady and upright both when still (static balance) and when moving (dynamic balance). The ability to [...]

How can I improve my balance?2021-09-27T08:33:24-04:00

The key to injury prevention: Ask a Physio!

Slow and steady wins the race! Winter is fast approaching and the return of cold weather activities is imminent. With this change in skilled movement, appropriate training is required to [...]

The key to injury prevention: Ask a Physio!2021-09-17T12:53:52-04:00

Will vestibular rehab help me?

        Do you experience dizziness, vertigo, balance problems, or falls? Maybe you have been told to go to vestibular rehabilitation therapy but you’re not sure what it [...]

Will vestibular rehab help me?2021-09-27T08:28:22-04:00


Last week ALPHA successfully wrapped our first ever #NEXTGEN program! It was a pleasure having Claire and Sarah around the clinic. Take a look at what they were up to [...]

ALPHA #NEXTGEN2021-08-31T19:10:06-04:00

ALPHA Patient Features!

Check out what patients are saying about ALPHA! Meet Neve! Neve dislocated her elbow while completing dryland hockey training in June. She has since been working closely and intensely with [...]

ALPHA Patient Features!2021-08-30T14:31:18-04:00
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