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Elizabeth Crawford

Vestibular Physiotherapist

Elizabeth is the founding co-director of Vestibular Health. Elizabeth is a compassionate and knowledgeable physiotherapist with expertise in vestibular and concussion rehabilitation.
Elizabeth has a Certificate in Vestibular Rehabilitation through Emory University and she has completed additional courses in neurological and concussion rehabilitation.

Elizabeth’s clinical background is in neurological and complex traumatic injury rehabilitation, and she has a special interest in mild traumatic brain injury/concussion. Elizabeth has extensive experience working with both community- and hospital-based multidisciplinary teams focused on people with neurological disorders, persistent post-concussion symptoms, balance and gait impairments, and dizziness. As part of the Hertz Clinic for Meniere’s Disease and Vestibular Dysfunction located at the University Health Network (UHN), Elizabeth has provided individualized physiotherapy assessment and treatment in the Hertz Vestibular Rehabilitation Program and continues to work alongside the multidisciplinary team in the neurotology clinic. During her work in the Hertz Clinic, she has gained knowledge of complex inner ear and neurological conditions and their impacts on balance function.

She has been part of both the assessment and treatment teams in the Neurology Specialty Program at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute & Altum Health, providing evidence-based care for people with concussion/mild traumatic brain injury, other neurological injuries, head and neck injuries, and vestibular dysfunction. Within this program, Elizabeth has been instrumental in establishing vestibular assessment and treatment best practices, creating patient education materials, and developing resources and training for other health professionals related to dizziness and balance disorders.

Elizabeth completed her physiotherapy degree at the University of Toronto in 2008. Her academic background is in kinesiology and physical education, with a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education from the University of Toronto and a Master of Arts in Kinesiology from York University.

Elizabeth is also comprehensively trained as a Pilates instructor. She develops and teaches continuing education workshops for Pilates instructors on anatomy and biomechanics, chronic pain, balance training, and post-rehabilitation exercise at Body Harmonics.

Her caring and insightful approach will help you better understand your condition and improve your symptoms. She will provide the support and challenge you need to achieve your goals.
Outside of work, Elizabeth enjoys spending time outdoors and going on canoe trips with her family.

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