(also known as Functional Integrated Needling)

intrWhat is it?

Dry Needling has been proven to be a very effective way to treat painful neuromuscular conditions. Studies have shown its effectiveness in both acute and chronic pain situations. The premise behind dry needling is that when abnormal muscle tension develops in the body, it causes pain. Dry Needling aims to stimulate blood flow, increase oxygen, and decrease the sensitization in the brain which occurs with chronic pain. It is safe, and very effective for a range of conditions.

Will it help me?

Everyone is different, and therefore responds to treatments differently. Dry Needling has been shown to relieve pain from many chronic and acute injuries within a few treatments. Many elite athletes use dry needling to speed up recovery and to ease the pain. Research shows it’s effectiveness in those suffering from chronic and debilitative pain.

Pain which arises from abnormal muscle tissue tension is often overlooked by many health care practitioners, and thus often goes misdiagnosed. Dry Needling aims to correct these tissue dysfunctions and restore the proper tension and balance in the body.

Dry Needling treatments can only be provided by a qualified health care practitioner – typically a Physiotherapist or Physician – who has been specially trained and certified in dry needling. For further information please contact ALPHA Health Services.

Following are typical conditions that respond to Dry Needling treatment.

  • – Headaches
  • – Frozen shoulder
  • – Tennis elbow
  • – Golfer’s elbow
  • – Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • – Leg pain
  • – Hamstring strains
  • – Shin splints
  • – Muscle spasms
  • – Fibromyalgia
  • – Sciatic pain
  • – Hip pain
  • – Knee pain

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