Registered Kinesiology/ Functional Movement Specialist

Why would I want to work with a Registered Kin?

Not everyone feels comfortable going to the gym, but wants to participate in an exercise program. Regular exercise has been proven to drastically decrease the risk of chronic disease and illness, and improves mood, brain function and overall health.

At ALPHA Health Services, we understand how important regular physical fitness is. We want to be creative and work with you to reach your fitness goals in an environment and situation which makes you feel comfortable.

Whether your goal is to improve fitness, or weight loss, or to reach your peak performance, trainers and University educated Kinesiologists will work with you to achieve these goals. With extensive knowledge in how the body works, as well as motivational tools, working with a trainer could be exactly what you need to reach your individual goal.

What is offered at ALPHA Health Services?

ALPHA Health Services is pleased to offer the opportunity to work with a Kinesiologist to come up with an exercise schedule and plan to meet your fitness/performance/weight loss goals. Whether it be a home exercise program with minimal equipment, a switch up from your usual gym routine, or a 1-1 training session, regardless of your level, contact us to find what service works for you.

An initial consult will help us to better understand what your individual goals are, and allow us to develop a program to help you meet them. We will continue to progress you and push you to reach your goal and will always be available to discuss strategies to improve your fitness and well being.

NEW: ALPHA Health Services is pleased to offer “office training”. We will come to your office before, after, or during lunch and run a boot camp style training session for your employees. A great way to stay in shape, encourage office unity, and boost team spirit! Contact us for rates and specifics of this service.


60 minute session: $84
45 minute session: $63
30 minute session: $42


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