Physiotherapy and Cycling- Physiotherapy can help!


Cycling shouldn’t be painful! Now that the weather is getting nicer a great way to be physically active is going for a bike ride. Whether your commuting to work on your bike or taking advantage of some of the great bike trails in the city, understanding how to set-up your bike ergonomically can protect you [...]

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The benefits of exercise


After a long and cold winter here in Toronto, it looks like the city is finally starting to come out of hibernation. Even though the weather is still wet and dreary, spring is around the corner! The thought of warmer weather, and longer sunny days seems to bring out a desire for us to get [...]

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Get to know NICOLE!


Nicole Filler is ALPHA's clinic administrator. Get to know a bit more about Nicole... because she is the best! About Nicole: Nicole is a recent graduate from Western University and has a Bachelor of Science with Honors Specialization in Kinesiology. Growing up a dancer, Nicole has always had a great interest in the human body [...]

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Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy: 5 Helpful Tips for Bladder Prolapse Management


5 Helpful Tips for Bladder Prolapse Management The bladder is an organ that is supported by ligaments, muscles, fascia, and soft connective tissue.  These structures enable the bladder to maintain its position within the pelvic cavity.  Bladder prolapse may occur when any part of the pelvic organ support system is compromised.   As a result, the [...]

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Massage Therapy – Questions answered!


Top 5 Common Questions or Concerns That Come up When Getting a Massage You may have thought of it when you’ve gotten a massage but you were too afraid to ask.  You may be going for your first massage or still in the “getting to know you stage” with your current massage therapist and aren’t [...]

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Concussion treatment- Physiotherapy can help


No evidence-based guidelines exist for treatment and rehabilitation services for children and adolescents who are slow to recover following a mild traumatic brain injury (or concussion). While the child is acutely injured, we believe that it is prudent to provide children and their families with early education and reassurance as well as strongly encourage (a) [...]

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Chronic Headaches and how Physiotherapy can help


Headache is a leading cause of disability in North America... and did you know 52% of these headaches originate from issues in the neck? What is a Headache? Simply put it is the symptom of pain localized to the head and/or neck. The brain itself cannot perceive pain, but several areas in the head and [...]

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Concussion Rehabilitation


Concussion Treatment – when to rest and when to exercise Many individuals who have sustained a concussion are told to rest in a dark room until their symptoms have gone away. Health care practitioners often prescribe rest as the frontline treatment for a concussion. It is a widely accepted and popular advice. The rationale for [...]

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Pelvic floor Physiotherapy- Perineal Massage in Pregnancy


Perineal Massage in Pregnancy I am very frequently asked by my pregnant clients if and when they should start perineal massage.  Perineal massage during the last few weeks of pregnancy is a manual stretching technique that is believed to help improve the elasticity and flexibility of the perineal area, thereby decreasing muscular resistance to stretch [...]

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