Coping with the Stress of COVID19

GUEST BLOG! Coping with the Stress of COVID 19 By Sarah Dale, MSc., RP Individual, Couple, and Sex Therapist East Toronto Therapy The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruption to [...]

Coping with the Stress of COVID192020-06-16T23:08:45-04:00

ALPHA Health Services- COVID-19 Policy

COVID- 19 Protocol We are open for patients with urgent needs and requiring acute care, as per Toronto Public Health guidelines, the Ontario Government and the College of Physiotherapists. Contact [...]

ALPHA Health Services- COVID-19 Policy2020-06-18T13:17:03-04:00

Physiotherapy Questions

Five Common Physiotherapy Questions, Answered by Physiotherapist, Jennifer Harvey. As an orthopedic physiotherapist, there are common questions I get from patients. They are all great questions, and because of the [...]

Physiotherapy Questions2020-03-14T12:26:40-04:00

Physiotherapy in Canada- a personal reflection

Physiotherapy across Canada. Ontario to Yukon I have been a registered physiotherapist for 7 years, and I have spent my entire “life as a physio” in Toronto, Ontario. I attended [...]

Physiotherapy in Canada- a personal reflection2020-02-09T11:56:30-05:00

Massage Therapy- Lymphedema

Lymphedema - Reduction Phase:  Making it work with limited time & limited budget The reduction phase of treatment, the process of reducing the size of the area affected, is an [...]

Massage Therapy- Lymphedema2019-12-26T14:08:08-05:00
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