“The best physiotherapy clinic?”

We are often asked this question by many who are interested in starting physiotherapy. It can certainly feel like an overwhelming venture, especially when there are so many clinics available in a large city like Toronto. You may have tried to google “the best physiotherapy clinic in Toronto” only to be bombarded with hundreds of results. Searching for a clinic that is the perfect fit can be challenging and time consuming, BUT it does not need to be! This post serves as a guide to help in your search for the best physiotherapy for YOU.
1. Determine your goals
The first step in finding the best physiotherapy clinic for you is to make sure you understand your goals. What is important to you? What do you wish to achieve with physiotherapy? Your goals will help direct the type of care that you need, which will help narrow down the type of clinic that is right for you. Every person’s goals are different, so the best physiotherapy for one person may not look the same as the best physiotherapy for you.
2. What are the clinic’s mission statement and goals?
Take a look at the clinic’s goals or mission statement, which can usually be found on their website. Does the clinic have a clear mission statement at all? Does their story resonate with you? The mission statement helps to lay out the clinic’s priorities and this should also align with yours! For example, if you value active participation in treatment (versus passive treatment), a clinic that prioritizes this will be the best for you. If the clinic is well-equipped with exercise equipment, then that is a good clue as to whether they prioritize active participation.
3. Read the therapist and staff profiles
Looking at the therapist and staff profiles will help to put a face to the clinic and will give you some insight on what your experience will be like. These are usually listed on the clinic’s website. This is arguably the most important factor to consider since these are the people who you will be interacting with during your visit. While reading the profiles, look at whether the personality, interests, and/or training of the therapist/staff would be compatible with yours.
4. Look at Google reviews
This is a great way to get a well-rounded picture of what the clinic is like from a client perspective. Third-party websites like Google allow for unbiased opinions, and since clients themselves are writing about their experiences, it may give you some insight on what you might expect during your visit as well.
5. How does the clinic operate?
Last but not least is to look at how the clinic operates in terms of scheduling, billing, and availability. This information can be found on the clinic’s website, or by contacting the clinic to ask. This factor can be a dealbreaker to some, depending on individual circumstances. Make sure the clinic’s availability works for your schedule, and that billing works within your budget.
Hopefully, this guide helps narrow your search down. The next step is to book an initial appointment and get the real experience. Your actual experience will be the most indicative of whether you feel it is the right fit – when you know, you know! With any luck, your impression will be consistent with the research you’ve done beforehand.
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