Massage Therapy Yonge and Eglinton- Decrease Swelling Through Lymph Taping

I recently took a Lymph Taping course offered through Dr. Vodder School for Manual Lymph Drainage and it was amazing!  I was able to learn various taping techniques to help reduce edema (swelling) in all areas of the body. This technique can be greatly beneficial to patients with swelling in any area of the body, due to any cause.

What is Lymph Taping?

I’m sure if you’ve watched sporting events or the Olympics, you’ve seen the crazy coloured tape on the athletes.  This is K-tape (Kinesio Tape).  K-tape is a stretchy tape (one-way stretch) used in a variety of different ways to help the body.  It’s used for postural correction, muscular activation, mechanic correction, scar breakdown (which I’ll get to in another post) and to promote movement of lymphatic fluid.
K-tape is applied to an area where there is edema and the strips of tape are then directed to an area of drainage on the body.  The main areas where fluid drains is the neck, axilla (armpit) or inguinal region (groin).  With lymphatic taping, the tape is applied in a way that creates convolutions, a ripple effect, in the skin.  This ultimately creates a greater passageway for the lymphatic fluid to flow.  By creating this path of least resistance, lymphatic fluid can be directed away from an area where there is swelling, to a drainage site in the body.

Image of a patient with lymph taping for a swelling in their knee

Here is an example of lymph taping for a patient who has swelling in their knee.

Lymph taping is great to use on areas where there is chronic swelling or with injuries in the sub-acute stage.  I have used this type of taping to help reduce swelling with ankle injuries & fractures, after knee replacements, lymphedema patients, and many other post-op patients with great success.  The tape stays on for 3-5 days and can be worn while working out, showering, swimming etc.
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By Karen Kingsley

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