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Meet Leeanna Maher, Registered Physiotherapist, and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist. Leeanna brings to her practice experience, knowledge, and a passion to get her patients better. Leeanna is truly one of a kind, her genuine care, intelligence, and expertise, sets her apart. Get to know Leeanna a bit better…

Why did you become a Physiotherapist?

From a very young age, I loved learning about how the human body worked and how it responds to injury and disease.  I have studied these things on a micro level in the laboratory but always felt something was missing.  I wanted to connect with people.  I wanted to empower people with the knowledge of what was happening to their bodies when they injure themselves and what they could do about it to get back to optimal function.  I knew physiotherapy was the career path for me because it embodies all of those characteristics.  

What made you pursue further education as a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist?

After my first pregnancy, it was firsthand that I experienced the effects of a very weak pelvic floor.  I love being active in sport and I couldn’t go back to doing the things I loved to do like floor hockey or dance classes, due to pain and leakage.  I was devastated and felt I had lost a significant part of who I was.  It was then that I embraced pelvic floor physiotherapy not just as a clinician but as a patient as well.

What is your philosophy when it comes to rehabilitation, and pelvic floor physiotherapy?

When it comes to successful rehabilitation, it is of paramount importance for my client to not just be heard but to be understood.  Everybody’s story is unique and it should be embraced without judgment.  This is the pillar with which I build my working relationship with all my clients.  Following that, my focus is always on education…education…and more education.  The more my clients understand exactly how their body functions and how their body heals, the more empowered my clients become.  This is the foundation to healing and recovery.

What types of patients do you treat for pelvic floor physiotherapy?

I treat men and women who are experiencing issues with their bladder and bowel function (urinary or bowel incontinence, chronic constipation, urinary retention or difficulty emptying the bladder), prenatal women preparing for labour and delivery, post partum women who are experiencing issues with prolapse, rectus diastasis, pelvic pain, and/or incontinence.  I also treat men and women who are experiencing pain related to sexual intercourse, and those with persistent pelvic pain or pain in the genital area.  I treat men who will undergo a prostatectomy procedure to help regain bladder control as quickly as possible after the surgery.  
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