You don’t have to be broken to start physiotherapy.

Since when do you have to break something in order to grow, nourish, and strengthen it? Think about a plant. You go to a nursery to pick out the perfect plant. You bring it home, provide it with shelter, water, fertilizer, sunlight, and hope it flourishes and grows. However, despite your best efforts, it becomes droopy and browns. You consult the plant experts and make adjustments to its surroundings, its routine, and its care, but it will take some time for it to return to its healthy state where it flourishes and grows.

Now replace your plant with your own body. You go about your everyday life – walking, running, cycling, driving, completing house chores, watching over the kids, the list goes on. Then, you go to pick up the laundry basket from the floor and tweak your back. So, you consult your physio, but it’ll take some time before your back feels normal again.

But let’s back track a bit and see what happens when you add in one extra step:

You go to a nursery to pick out the perfect plant. While you’re there, you consult a plant expert as to how to ensure you provide it with the most optimal amounts of water, fertilizer, and sunlight. You bring it home, execute on the expert’s advice and the plant flourishes and grows.

Your plant flourishes and grows before it even had a chance to droop or brown because you consulted an expert on how to care for it. The same should be a standard we practice for our bodies.

You don’t have to be broken to start physiotherapy.

Physiotherapists are experts in the field of human movement, biomechanics, injury prevention, pain management, rehabilitation and so much more! Our bodies are built to move; we do it naturally, flawlessly, beautifully – and it’s only when something is wrong, unpleasant, or painful, do we notice it. However, painful movement and injuries can be prevented. With appropriate education and preventative measures, we can minimize the risk for injury or pain.

Whether your goals are to run a marathon, lift heavy weights, take care of 3 children, or just remain pain-free, have regular check ins with your physio who can help put together a preventative rehab (prehab) and/or maintenance program so you can keep on moving, keep the pain away, and knock out those goals!

By Priscilla Bulandres
Registered Physiotherapist
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