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We are open for patients with urgent needs and requiring acute care, as per Toronto Public Health guidelines, the Ontario Government and the College of Physiotherapists. Contact us with inquiries –  
All other appointments will be conducted via tele-rehab. 
Please note- all massage therapy appointments are cancelled until further notice.
March 17, 2020
Dear ALPHA community;
Given the declaration of a State of Emergency in Ontario and the legislated closure of restaurants, bars, clubs, gyms, schools, daycares etc., ALPHA has contacted Toronto Public Health for their specific recommendations re our practice.
Somewhat surprisingly, Toronto Public Health has NOT recommended that ALPHA close entirely.  The traffic in our clinic is well below their concern level and … we have contact information for all entrants to the clinic to provide to Public Health in the event that there is contact with the virus.  They have actually advised us to remain open for acute care patients (i.e. those recovering from surgery or serious injury) and suggested that while not strictly necessary, it would be responsible to cancel all routine appointments.
We are taking all of their recommendations and suggestions seriously and accordingly:

  • ALL ROUTINE APPOINTMENTS ARE BEING RESCHEDULED.  Therapists will be in touch to review exercises, discuss telerehab options, and rebook.

– this week; therapists will be in touch to review exercises, discuss telerehab options and rebook
-Week of March 23: all non-essential appointments will be rescheduled to telerehab appointments where you will meet face-to-face with your physiotherapist via video call.  You will receive a confirmation booking.

  •  WE WILL BE PROVIDING OUR ACUTE CARE PATIENTS WITH TREATMENT.  It will not necessarily be with your regular therapist; several of our therapists, due to their living arrangements, vulnerability to COVID-19 etc., will be staying at home.  But there will be a skeleton staff to meet acute patient needs.  Please contact us to arrange/keep an appointment if you fall into this category (recovering from surgery or serious injury.). Your therapist will be in contact with you with suggestions. You will be asked to answer all COVID19 screening questions prior to your session.

All previous recommendations re ‘best practices’ continue to apply for those coming into clinic:

  • arrive at clinic in precise timing for your appointment; there will be no waiting for an appointment at reception
  • there will be no payments – cash or VISA – in the clinic
  • cancel your appointment if you have been out of the country, are showing any symptoms, or have been in contact with anybody who is showing symptoms
  • wash hands, practice good cough etiquette, etc.

This situation is frightening and overwhelming for us all.  Know that we take your overall health, as well as your physiotherapy, very seriously and we are monitoring this virus crisis as it continues to develop.  We are currently trying to balance social responsibility and general public health and safety (as well as that our staff and patients) with the needs of our patients.  We feel that more routine physio ailments can be managed through telerehab, exercises and phone contact with your therapist.  For now, acute patients, IF AND ONLY IF THEY ARE COMFORTABLE WITH THIS, can continue with treatment.  We will let you know IMMEDIATELY if this changes.
Charlotte Anderson and Ashley Saltsman
416 545 1881
March 10, 2020
ALPHA Health Services’ primary priority is the health, welfare and safety of its patients and therapists.  We are therefore concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic and its implications for our practice.  We have accordingly been directly in touch with the Toronto Public Health officials to discuss our practice and how best to safeguard our patients’ welfare.  They have confirmed that we can operate safely within the current COVID-19 situation given the size and scope of practice and have made some good recommendations to us in terms of ‘best practices’.  As we all try to deal with COVD-19 and the recommendations made by our health officials, we ask that you observe the following:

  • If you have travelled outside of Canada within the last 14 days, please call us to reschedule your appointment in clinic or reschedule to a telemedicine appointment (with your practitioner) or home visit.
  • If you are showing any signs of illness (cough, fever, shortness of breath or respiratory symptoms), please call us to reschedule your appointment for a time AFTER the recommended 14 days of self-isolation. We are offering telemedicine appointments via phone, and can switch your appointment type should you require. Click here to learn more.
  • Please do not arrive in our office early for your appointment. It is part of our protocol to eliminate social proximity by not having anyone wait in the reception area.  Therefore, if you arrive early, please wait outside (on a nice day) or in the lobby before coming up for your appointment.  Our goal will be to move you straight into a treatment room.
  • If paying directly, please phone in your credit card information prior to your appointment so that payment for the appointment is processed electronically and not person-to-person.

Bed, bedding and equipment sanitization is a part of our regular routine so there will be no issues re transfer of virus between patients via equipment/supplies. We ask that all visitors to the clinic disinfect their hands upon arrival, and necessary hand sanitizing products are available. All ALPHA therapists are remaining vigilant about their own health situation and will NOT be reporting for work should they exhibit any symptoms or come into contact with people with symptoms.  Therefore please be patient with us.  We may have to cancel appointments at the last minute as a result of therapist health.
We are respectful of the directives that have been handed out by public health officials and want to maintain the high quality treatment you expect of ALPHA within a safe environment.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.
As per Toronto Public Health announcements, the majority of COVID-19 cases are mild. Our best protection against the virus continues to be vigorous and frequent hand washing, not touching the face, good cough etiquette and staying at home if there are any symptoms.  The current official recommendations re social distance and sanitization practices are in response to the need to slow down the spread of this virus so that the health system can keep pace.  Changes in these recommendations are possible, even probable and we will continue to monitor and adapt to the situation. Please do not hesitate to contact the clinic if you have any questions, concerns or require information and we will keep you informed of any changes in the ‘best practices’ recommended for us.  Our goal is to continue to provide quality treatment for our patients while observing all official directives to keep our patients, therapists and staff safe from COVID-19.
Charlotte Anderson, MSc PT., PhD                                      Ashley Saltsman, BA
Owner                                                                                          Clinic Director           
Clinic Phone Number: 416 545 1881

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