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Meet Neve!
Neve dislocated her elbow while completing dryland hockey training in June. She has since been working closely and intensely with ALPHA Physiotherapist, Priscilla, to regain full range of motion, strength, and stability required to compete at the Bantam AA hockey level this fall. Recently, Neve has begun her return to sport protocol in clinic and on the ice which consists of shooting and handling drills in clinic to ensure she is loading her elbow safely, and skating drills at team practice to regain her confidence on ice.
“I started working with Priscilla in early July and was able to regain full range of motion in my elbow within a few weeks! We’re now working on strength, stability, and confidence in my elbow so I can perform on the ice when our season kicks off in the fall. From the beginning of my rehab journey, there has been lots of communication between Priscilla and my coach to ensure everyone is on the same page and that I am safely returning to sport. The team at ALPHA has been incredible at ensuring I return to sport as quickly and safely as possible!” –Neve P.

Meet Beth!
Beth is 4 weeks post-op a right total hip replacement. She has been working closely with ALPHA Physiotherapist Olivia Martins, to regain range of motion, strength and improve her gait pattern. In the past 4 weeks Beth has been able to wean from a walker, get back to driving and is able to walk 3 blocks! Goals of treatment are to get Beth back to her active lifestyle of spin classes, pilates and walking her dog!
“The staff at ALPHA have been very attentive and gentle and I feel like I’m making progress every time I come in!” –Beth L.

Meet Devon!
Devon is a competitive soccer player who first came to ALPHA 2 years ago with a concussion. With the help of the team at ALPHA, Devon has recovered and rehabbed various injuries since, and continues to complete monthly visits to ensure her body is in peak form to perform on field. Most recently, Devon sustained a hip flexor strain and has been working hard both in the clinic and on the field to kick the injury goodbye!
“The team at ALPHA have been instrumental to my successes on the field, ensuring I am able to perform my at my best when it counts the most. The clinic they run out of my school, Havergal, also makes it super easy to ensure I don’t skip a beat on my recovery!” –Devon

Today’s patient feature is…Dante!
Dante is an elite basketball player and has been working with the team at ALPHA to get back to training and performing at the high standard that he needs to be at! Treatments have included both hands on therapy and education on mindfullness, pain, and stress management.
“I have been a patient at ALPHA Health Services for the past 9 months. They are professional, knowledgeable, attentive, compassionate and supportive. They genuinely care to help me heal after hearing all my struggles and failed attempts with other medical providers. They even reached out to my medical care team to work together to understand my issues and find ways for me to recover and become stronger. Forever grateful and thankful for Charlotte and Olivia!!” –Dante

Today’s patient feature is one of ALPHA’s home care patients, Pentti!
Pentti has been working with Jo, ALPHA home care physiotherapist, for the past 5 years. He has been receiving treatments in his home, and has recently switched to virtual in-home appointments. Over the years he has made amazing improvements, beyond his baseline level of functioning!
“I slipped on black ice in 2015 at the age of 71 and injured myself. My doctor referred me to Joanna Schechter, a physiotherapist at ALPHA Health Services. I went several days after my injury, having bought a walker in order to be able to go to the appointment. Upon arrival, I was unable to stand and fell sideways holding on the walker. Things have remarkably improved since that time. I began weekly physiotherapy and continue to do so. I had a knee replacement in 2018 and had my other knee replaced in 2019. Rehabilitation went smoothly and quickly due to my past physiotherapy. I have noted remarkable improvement in my physical abilities and confidence. I had a weight loss of 35+ kg over the years with no subsequent weight gain. As my physique improved, I have learned new exercises which I was incapable of doing in the past. I continue physiotherapy. I consider physiotherapy by a licensed physiotherapist vital to improvement of my physical and emotional health.” –Pentti
Meet our featured patient, Melissa!
Melissa has been working with Charlotte after she suffered from a concussion, and was experiencing debilitating post concussion symptoms, including headache and neck pain. Charlotte was part of a multi disciplinary team that treated Melissa, and worked with her through her recovery. Through manual therapy, mobilization, cervical spine soft tissue work, gradual return to function, strengthening, sub threshold activity, and continued treatment, Melissa has returned to her activities of daily living. Melissa has just started her Masters at U of T!
“I spent years suffering from post-concussive headaches, trying many treatments and medications with minimal relief, until I found ALPHA. Not only have Charlotte and her team significantly reduced my symptoms, but they’re such a pleasure to spend time with and have made physio fun!” –Melissa
Meet Rhea!
Rhea first presented to ALPHA as a young teenager with chronic back and neck pain. She has worked hard and been treated by the team at ALPHA to address postural stability, monitor strength development, manual treatment addressing soft tissue dysfunctions, joint mobility, and facilitation of correct muscle patterning. Additionally, preventative approaches have been taken as Rhea participates in cheerleading and pursues her arts. Her progress has been substantial, and Rhea has now been able to continue her activities of daily living without pain.
“I have been a patient at ALPHA for four years due to chronic pain conditions. I honestly don’t think I could have managed without the treatment there. The care I’ve had has been highly personalized. Charlotte has gotten me through times where I could barely stand or use my arms. I would never have been able to continue the activities I love without ALPHA.” –Rhea
Today we are featuring ALPHA patient, Cristina! Cristina first came to ALPHA after being struck by a vehicle as a pedestrian in December 2019, which resulted in several fractures in her arm and foot, as well as other soft tissue injuries. She has been working with Alison, ALPHA Physiotherapy Resident, focusing on range of motion, strength, endurance, and decreasing pain. Cristina has made major progress, and has now been able to go for lots of walks with her dog, Arabella!
“I found [ALPHA’s] service excellent and would have no hesitation in recommending [them] to my family and friends if they ever require physiotherapy. Thank you for all your help and support over the last year, most of all thanks for caring. You are amazing! I was in a lot of pain and having difficulty using my left arm, right foot and knee after a pedestrian hit and run traffic accident.” –Cristina
Meet ALPHA Patient Edwina!🌟
Edwina sustained a wrist fracture back in the summer and unfortunately developed carpal tunnel syndrome from the prolonged casting. Edwina has been attending regular physiotherapy with Olivia to regain her wrist and hand mobility, strength and function and decrease numbness. Edwina is in the homestretch of her recovery.
“I live an active lifestyle so when I broke my wrist, I was very keen to restore my mobility as quickly as possible. Olivia started my physio before the cast was even off, drawing on her toolkit of treatments, including ultrasound, hot wax, manipulation and massage, coupled with a rigorous exercise program. I’m now happy to have my strength and flexibility back and ready for more adventures!” –Edwina
Meet Shermaine! ✨
Shermaine is a Registered Nurse and has been working with Physiotherapist Kristen at ALPHA East! Shermaine is an avid rower and has been doing phenomenally in her rehab. Go Shermaine!✊
“ALPHA Health has been a powerful force on my road towards recovery. Everyone is incredibly helpful and informative since day one. As a registered nurse, I highly recommend ALPHA to my co-workers and friends in the hospital because of the holistic physiotherapy services they offer. Thank you so much for your incredible help Kristen! I truly feel cared for on each session. I can’t wait to be able to row and jump in the dragon boat once again! Paddles up! Ready, ready!🚣‍♀️” –Shermaine
Meet our featured patient, David! 🤩
David has been working with ALPHA Physiotherapist, Priscilla. They have been so creative with using the equipment available in ALPHA Midtown’s new gym space! David has been killing it in his sessions!💪
“My experience at ALPHA has been a very pleasurable one. Priscilla, my physio Is very innovative in the types of exercises she tries with me. She even had new equipment brought in tailored for my special needs!” –David

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