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Massage from a Registered Massage Therapist is beneficial for everyone! Regardless of your age, sex, activity level, pain, presenting symptoms… massage can and will help you!

Massagecan be used for relaxation, to reduce muscle tension, or to alleviate the pain stemming from a chronic issue. Massage can also prevent illness and other conditions from developing. Massage therapists can work on muscles in the body before they can cause pain, or decrease movement at joints.Massage can prevent issues from occurring before they become symptomatic, painful, or activity limiting.


Massage works to:

–       improve the mobility of joints
–       improve circulation
–       reduce muscle tension
–       reduce pain
–       increase lymphatic drainage
–       reduce depression, anxiety or other mood disorders
–       increase relaxation, decrease stress.
–       Prevent injuries, illness, or conditions from occurring

So to answer your question “Am I suitable for massage”… the answer is always yes!

ALPHA Health Services is pleased to welcome Michael Warren to the team. Michael is a Registered Massage Therapist and is now accepting new clients. To learn more about Michael visit https://www.alphahealthservices.ca/about-us/

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