Happy New Year from ALPHA Health Services!

Dear Friends and Patients of ALPHA Health Services;
I want very much, on behalf of all of us at ALPHA, to wish you all the best for 2021.   COVID-19 has made 2020 a challenging, often difficult year for most and I do hope that the end of 2020 finds you and your families healthy, safe and hopeful that the vaccines will provide real light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel.
ALPHA has never had to close its doors; we were deemed an emergency service by Toronto Public Health for patients recovering from surgery or acute injuries and the clinic has remained open throughout the pandemic.  The net result of this is that we are very well-organized in terms of operating protocols, safe scheduling, infection control and PPE inventory. We are both blessed and proud to be able to say that we operated safely during this pandemic, with no reported cases of COVID-19 among our staff, patients, or our ALPHA community. We are confident in the clinic’s policies and procedures and our ability to strictly adhere to them.  We are would like to thank you, our patients, for respecting these rules and for keeping our staff and other patients safe.  And, we would like to express our gratitude to you for trusting us with your health and rehabilitative needs during these trying and scary times.
We have worked hard to build a supportive, knowledgeable and caring team at ALPHA, and I know I speak on behalf of all the ALPHA practitioners and administrators when I say it has been both a pleasure and a privilege to work with you this past year. Thank you for letting us be part of your 2020 – we know this year has been characterized by uncertainty, fear, isolation and loss.  We, at ALPHA, have been grateful to our ALPHA community for trusting us to help you. Thank you for choosing ALPHA and for your faith that we can and will keep you safe from COVID-19 while providing the rehabilitation services that you need.  We are proud that we have kept you safe in the clinic.  And we will continue to do so; the vaccine is coming but we need to stay vigilant re patient and staff safety and … we will.  We look forward to continuing to help you reach your health goals, rehabilitate from injury, prepare for surgery, and/or prevent disease, pain, and injury from occurring.
I started ALPHA in 2013 as a sole practitioner.  The practice has grown significantly over its 7 years and I am so pleased to have a talented team of professionals by my side to start 2021:
– Olivia Martins (Director of Physiotherapy and Orthopedic Physiotherapist)
– Joanna Schechter (Neurological and Geriatric Physiotherapist)
– Leeanna Maher (Pelvic Floor and Orthopedic Physiotherapist)
– Winta Desta (Orthopedic and Home Visit Physiotherapist)
– Jennifer Harvey (Vestibular/Concussion and Orthopedic Physiotherapist)
– Paula Hepburn (Orthopedic Physiotherapist)
– Priscilla Bulandres (Concussion and Orthopedic Physiotherapist)
– Alison Parker (Orthopedic Physiotherapist)
– Kristen Blair (Orthopedic Physiotherapist)
– Rebecca Chow (Physiotherapy Assistant)
– Karen Kingsley (Registered Massage Therapist)
– Oggie Bovan (Registered Kinesiologist)
– Christina Carew (Naturopathic Medicine)
– Dr. Jim Niu (Sports Medicine Doctor)
– Ashley Saltsman (Clinic Director)
– Emily DeHaitre (Clinic Administrator)
COVID-19 has certainly challenged ALPHA over 2020 but we refuse to let it keep us from meeting patients’ needs.  As a clinic we have big goals for 2021, including expanded space at 40 Holly St (completion January 2021), additional services, and an enlarged and improved rehabilitation gym. But our team promises to maintain the high standard of care and expertise patients have every right to expect of us and that we expect of ourselves.
We look forward to another year, and we are grateful for everyone in our ALPHA family. Wishing you all the best, and a safe, healthy, and happy new year. Thank you for being part of our community.

Charlotte Anderson, MSc. PT, PhD.
ALPHA Health Services
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