My Story – Charlotte Anderson

The story of how ALPHA came to be!

“After I graduated my undergrad from the University of Western Ontario, I took a year off and had the opportunity to travel around the world and was employed at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. During that year, I had the opportunity to reflect, to have conversations, and to shadow. In 2010 I started my physiotherapy degree at the University of Toronto. Upon graduating from U of T. I worked for a year in an OHIP clinic and I learned a lot, had fabulous mentors, and realized really quickly that I did want to go out on my own and start a clinic that followed a value system that I developed over that year. I wanted to test myself in all aspects of this profession, and to build a clinic that offered exceptional service. My Dad was diagnosed with cancer at this time, and I wanted him to be a part of the journey of opening a small clinic as that was something we had talked about as he was an entrepreneur as well. We moved quickly, and a year after I graduated from physio school the first location of ALPHA Health Services opened on Eglinton Avenue. My Dad then passed away and ALPHA became a place that I could distract myself, that I could work with patients, and a place that I could challenge myself intellectually, philosophically, psychologically, physically, and it was a bit of a refuge for me. In the coming years as we built the team and I got to work along with people that I loved and respected and learned a lot from, ALPHA was a place that became a family for me. During the trials and tribulations through life, ALPHA has been a support network and a constant. I’m so proud of the team that we have built, of the patients that we get to work with, and the patients that we get better. I couldn’t imagine a better team to get to work with as a physio. My PhD work in the concussion world has led to a whole other area of teaching, treating and learning that I’m very fortunate to be a part of. I look forward to seeing where this profession can continue to grow and evolve to, and how ALPHA will continue to grow and be a place that gives people exceptional care and be a place that people can trust.”

– Charlotte Anderson, MSc., PT., Ph.D., Post Doc.

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