Registered Massage Therapist- Get to know HILARY!

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For May, we feature…

HILARY MACLAUGHLIN, Registered Massage Therapist.

Hilary has always been interested and intrigued by the human body. After graduating from Brock University’s Kinesiology program with honours, she started the massage therapy program at Sutherland- Chan. We asked Hilary a few questions about her practice…

Why did you become a massage therapist?

Honestly, I did not know what I wanted to be when I was in University fulfilling my undergrad. While I was exploring options, Sutherland Chan came to Brock University and did a presentation. I immediately started thinking about becoming a Registered Massage Therapist. I love learning about the human body, its physiology, and how everything interconnects. Becoming an RMT was all about combining the tools I learned through kinesiology into new techniques and methods to help clients with their own bodies.
At Sutherland Chan I fell in love with the profession, its rehab programs, senior clinics, sporting events, and various clinics. It was after I enrolled in Massage Therapy that I knew I made the right decision.

What did you learn while going through school about massage therapy, that you didn’t know before?

I think the biggest thing I learned at massage school was piecing everything I learned together to assess the body. Understanding that the body is so interconnected in so many ways, and being able to feel tension and change through manual manipulation. As I continue to grow in the profession, I always look forward to learning more. The learning will never end!

What are some of the techniques you use on patients?

Some of my favourite techniques I use in practice include low grade joint mobilizations as well as dynamic release techniques. I love joint play, and actively releasing muscle through movement while muscle stripping. Fascial techniques are great for dense tissue that’s tricky to release and scar tissue.

What are some conditions you like to treat with massage therapy?

I love working with the rotator cuff. There are so many muscles to work with, and the gleno humeral joint is so dynamic. I find you can really manipulate the arms in various positions to get a good muscular and/or fascial release.
Plantar fasciitis is something else that always seems to get great feedback, working through the calves, arches of the feet, up through the hamstrings and even the glutes. Working with chronic pain conditions is also extremely rewarding. Easing muscular pain and tension is an RMT’s bread and butter, it works and we love to do it. I could go on forever about various conditions and what I love about treating each one though, I really do love this profession!
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